Rosie’s Continental Cider – Bag In Box


Cider is packaged in a bag in box with built in dispense tap
Planted picked and Farm pressed here in Llandegla
100% fermented apple juice, no added water
Matured in 316 stainless steel vessels
Cider is fairly bright and still
Available in Dry Medium or Sweet
Alcohol content Alc.6.0%vol.
2 month shelf life
Dry is suitable for diabetics, Vegetarians, Coeliacs and Vegans
Medium and Sweet suitable for Vegetarians, Coeliacs and Vegans

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This cider is only made from apples planted pollinated grown and picked here on the farm. The cider is similar to the triple D, but with less of a tannin punch and more of a sharper apple flavour. Very refreshing. In my biased opinion, the best cider I make.