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Rosie’s cider shop is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty between the Horseshoe Pass and the Vale of Clwyd in Denbighshire. It doesn’t really matter where you are heading to in North Wales, Rosie’s is pretty central. Heading up the A5104 instead of the boring A55 provides you with a lot more to see and do, but be pre-warned, there are a lot of average speed cameras about!

Lets imagine this is prior to, or after Covid 19 has been and gone. The cider shop here at Rosie’s HQ is where the bulk of my cider is sold. The farm shop is open every day and visitors can try tasters of the whole range of draught ciders and Perry available. It’s for this reason we advise you to bring a nominated driver with you! You can taste the dry ciders and go right through the range to the sweet ones and hopefully settle on one that suits as you go along. We don’t offer tasters of the bottled ciders, but can advise which bottled ones most closely match the draught ones on offer.

Rosie's Cider Farm Shop

Inside the Farm Shop at Rosie's Cider

At the shop you can buy bottles individually and the draught cider can be bought in 1 litre and 4 pinter containers, these are good for about a week if refrigerated and the air kept off them. At the farm, we also sell 5 litre bag in boxes. These are good for 2 months and don’t need to be refrigerated, but best kept cool and dry. We don’t ship 5 litre bag in boxes, their light-weight makes them an uneconomical package to send out by Courier, but they are ideal if you are passing the farm on your way somewhere nice.

Since Covid, We’ve kept the gate shut. Due to the nature of a working farm with Tractors etc. this is how we’ll stay for now. How does it work? Drive to the gate, honk your horn or ring and one of us will get to you!

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Rosie’s Triple D Cider, Dafarn Dywyrch, Llandegla, Wrexham, LL11 3BA.